Drenched in the mountain light. Mcleodganj. Prithivi M'samy.

Were it not for shadows, there would be no beauty.      


Hi! I'm Prithivi m'samy, a brand designer, photographer and architect.

The work under my own name spans across graphic design, brand experience, architectural photography, films and spatial design. I co-founded a spatial design studio called masalapencils. I coworked along with the amazing folks at the Busride Design studio and Triple O Studio for short spans which adds the cake to my icing of thought process. ;)



All my visual work falls under this. There is ongoing exploration of analog medium under the same roof.


An alternate design studio which creates eccentric works of spatial & visual art, spatial accessories, furniture and lighting. Our works majorly fall under hospitality, retail and exhibition design representing passionate, small scale businesses, people and brands.

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Based in Coimbatore, India